Tree’s Poetic Treasures


I speak as one voice  for the many giving thanks for our ceaseless blessings.

We give thanks to the Divine Spirit world that blesses us with its guides, angels, fairies, and helpers that lift and carry us when our burdens become too heavy to bear.

We give thanks to the Father Sun and Mother Earth who give us our daily sustenance.

We give thanks for the bright light of the mysterious Moon Goddess, who connects us with our inner mysterious dance and feminine brilliance.

We give thanks for the wind breath that clears away the old mental dirt, revealing the realm of forgiveness as it provides us the sacred air we breathe into our blessed lungs.

We give thanks for the water that quenches our thirst, moistens our bodies, and keeps our environment moist and lush.

We give thanks for the Tree People who hold the ancient and present history of all our earthly relations, for the Tree People not only feed us, but who through their majestic stand, teach us to be upstanding in all our life dealings and to weather life’s storms.

We are grateful for our winged relations who, like the owl teach us wisdom and discretion, or like the hawk remind us to be astute and patient, or who like the graceful ascent of the eagle exemplify how we are to rise above the mire of lies and deceit.

Soar like the eagle!


We are grateful for the creepy crawlers who weave a web out of their own substance, teaching us that as we develop ourselves we can use our knowledge (substance) to overcome any obstacles that may confront us.

We give thanks for the four-legged that remind us of the value of our instinct, intuition, and our conscience.

They remind us to listen to our inner voice that honors integrity and truth.

We give thanks for the two-legged, our sisters and brothers from all nations, all villages, all tribes, all ethnicities, realizing that we are intricately connected as One Family fed and nurtured by our Mother Earth.

We greatly appreciate our great and glorious ancestors of ancient and recent pasts who have paved our way this time as we walk our earthly journey. Their joys and toils are reflected in our strengths and progress. We give thanks for our great & glorious ancestors whose lives were imbued with divine inspiration, wisdom and honorable actions, facing adversity with strength & grace.

We are grateful for our parents who are our earthly vehicles, for our siblings, for our families and friends, for all those who cross our lives daily.

They are our mirrors to self-love & acceptance, reminders that beyond any appearances to the contrary, our true connection is divine.

We give special thanks for our most sacred gifts, our sweet little ones, our children, our youth, and our young adults.

We give voice to our need to recognize their value above our own, their needs above our own needs,

To  unconditionally love, respect, support, direct, encourage, inspire, keep safe, protect, and guide, instilling the highest morals and decency in our Precious Ones, always remembering that they are fundamental to our own existence.

We uphold that ALL life is sacred!

In gratitude for ALL life’s joys and sorrows, we remember that we are here to love immaculately and to honor and respect ALL!

May The Holy One find abiding residence in the temples of our bodies, minds and spirits, aligning our souls with our true magnificence!

For all this and much more, We are exceedingly grateful!

Ho, Mitakuye Oyasin! ALL MY RELATIONS!

©2011 R. Dafina Kuficha

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