Life Is Precious/Save One Today, Part 1

There are many who curse the person who in a “selfish” moment take his or her own life. However, unless you’ve suffered through depression, especially severe depression, your judgments are misguided. Depression is not your usual sadness. It’s a touch of that, but much, much more. The mind of a depressed is fragile, at best. They often wear the mask of “all’s well,” but they haven’t found that to be so. They are often besieged with thoughts of worthlessness, and it often doesn’t take a lot to get to that place. There also may not be anything apparent in their lives that the average person would consider “bad enough” to even consider suicide. However, we must always remember that people wear masks to hide behind because often they have not received unconditional Love and support that

If you or someone you know is having a hardIMG_8993 time, please know there is someone out there on that same page. Please know that there are many of us who would hold your secrets and judge you NOT! Please know your mind can and does lie. You are NEVER worthless. The standards this society sets for worthiness are unreachable and unreasonable. We have become conditioned to see worth as a matter of possessions, not as a birthright.

When you’re in trouble, remember, there are suicide hotlines with people waiting to be attentive to your needs or to the needs of those whom you refer. Those ears are there to hear your problems. In my profession as a licensed acupuncturist, I have treated and referred patients who were suicidal. There were times when I was able to recognize the signs, and other times, I could hear it in their story. Folks go through a lot. I’ve often wondered, after listening to their stories, how some of them get out of bed in the morning. And, then, there are those who don’t have a tangible problem, but their mental/emotional wiring is a bit off. There is no difference between them and those who have lost a child or their job or their homes. Pain IS pain! When we know our value, nothing can take us down. KNOW THYSELF and to thy own self be true. How? Deepen your spiritual base. “S/he will remain in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Take thought inventory. From where do your thoughts derive? What tape keeps playing in your mind over and over again. Replace negative thoughts of self with positive ones. It’s a practice. You’re not going to believe them right away, but keep working with positivity. Smile inside. Warm your own heart. Hug yourself. Take small steps, but take steps to assure yourself that your life is precious, worthy and important, especially to YOU! And, no matter how it seems, your life is important to others, too. I know it’s important to me!

Here is the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. Keep it close and share it with someone you Love. If you have the heart to listen to people needing help through depression and suicidal thoughts, perhaps this is a good place for you to train.

Let’s choose to be present for each other. No, we can’t help everyone, but we can surely acknowledge when someone needs help and make every effort to assist them, as we are able. We are ALL in this together! Love is a big part of the healing, as is acceptance.