R. Dafina Kuficha is a licensed acupuncturist whose passion is transformation through self-love and acceptance. Her resilient spirit in overcoming her own personal challenges and tragedies has aided her in helping others make profound life changes. She encourages her patients to take responsibility for their health, sharing self-healing methods encouraging life style changes to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Frequently consulted for spiritual counseling, readings and ceremonies, she believes that, “one of the main causes of physical disharmony is spiritual irregularity.”

Writing is my passion and sharing it, my delight.

Please join Dafina at 9PM on the last Monday of each month for her health radio segment, “Treasured Health Gems,” on “Transitions on Traditions,” hosted by Greg Bridges, on KPFA 94.1FM (with live streaming at http://www.kpfa.org).

For more information, please visit Dafina at

Website: www.treasureyourhealthinstitute.com,

Email: treasureyourhealth@yahoo.com

Twitter: Treewizdom

Blog: https://treasureyourhealth.wordpress.com

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