Help, I Fell off my Heels!

“The Worst Shoes for Your Feet” WebMD

Do you really thing it’s a good idea to wear those high-heeled stilettos? Oh, yeah, occasionally, maybe, depending on the condition of your back, legs, feet, ankles, balance, but regularly is just plain dumb. Do you like being able to bend your knees when sitting or stooping? Do you like being able to walk pain-free? Are you interested in developing osteoarthritis of the knees, plantar fasciitis, a tear in your Achilles tendon, or eventual deformity of your feet? No? Really?

What about if you trip and fall while crossing the street or when you step into a crack on the sidewalk? When I was a kid, the saying was, “step on a crack, you break your mother’s back!” We avoided them like the plague. But you won’t have to worry about your mother’s back, though you may have to worry about your own if you fall off those ridiculously high heels. Of course, you could luck up with a badly sprained or broken ankle that has a 50-50 chance of properly healing.

Next time you say, “I would die to have a pair of shoes like those,”  referring to high-heeled stilettos or high heels period, rethink  if they’re really worth all the trouble they can cause your body’s structure. You may not die, but you may lose your ability to walk, run, skip, and jump without great discomfort. Oh, not right away, but after continual usage, the body adjusts to being thrown off kilter and it’s not with a cute walk either. While wearing stilettos may be considered sexy and stylish, it may not be worth the long-term price you may have to pay, or the short-term, for that matter.

You do know that you can change your mind about what your find fashionable and still look fabulous? High heels can cause more problems than they’re worth and you could use the money you save not buying stilettos and put it towards your dream vacation in the Caribbean or wherever your heart desires. Remember to travel with comfortable shoes though.

Be courageous, reevaluate your view of beauty and fashion. Remember, most of those designers don’t care about how their fashion affects your health. But, you should! You’ll love me later.


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