Life has gotten way too serious! BREAKING NEWS: This just in! Police Report given by Oakland’s Licensed Acupuncturist, Dafina Kuficha: “Who knew when I got out of the taxi,


my assistant,  Ms. Red Blackberry, had remained behind, and sadly with all my precious business and personal documents still in her possession. I didn’t realize it right away as I was rushing to get to the parking lot in time to avoid paying extra parking fees. You know I could pay a third of my office rent for what it costs to park in San Francisco.  Sorry, I digress. I asked Ms. Red to phone my publisher and when she didn’t reply, I turned around and she was nowhere to be seen. That’s when I realized she did not leave the taxicab.

“Ms. Red hadn’t been herself lately. She and the cab driver had been flirting. After all, she is a Blackberry, but it seemed harmless. Who knew that Ms. Red, my trusted assistant, would take it upon herself to travel all night and day around SF, rake up an enormous taxi fare, and run off? She left the the bill for me to pay? Fat chance! I joked that I hoped her SIM card could pose as a credit card or that she would be busted and have to see the rough side of life! She’d never been this irresponsible before. She was such a good worker! I’m just devastated!” Here’s the story: Continue reading