Taking Steps To A Healthier, Happier Life

Photo credit: Dafina Kuficha

1)     Wake up with an Attitude of Gratitude ~ Let your first thoughts of the day connect you to your gifts. Before you even arise from your bed, give thanks! Forgive what needs forgiveness. “Do not let any grievance dim your light!” Create an inner smile, no matter what challenging situations are before you, and return to it throughout the day.

2)     Drink at least two glasses of water first thing upon rising and 6-9 more throughout each day, depending on your body’s needs. Water aids in release of toxins through the urine; is lost through breathing, moving your stools, and sweating. It also adds luster to your hair and skin. Dehydration can have dangerous affect on the body.

3)     Stretch like a cat as you are preparing for your day. Raise your arms up over your head and take your arms to the right side, then to the left side, then back to center. Prepare your body for the day.  Movement is crucial to a healthy body.  It also generates more energy, blood flow and flexibility.

4)     Eat a nutritious breakfast.  Breakfast is just that, breaking the fast created by sleeping. Our body relishes the nutrition breakfast provides and helps sustain vibrant energy throughout our day. Make good nutrition a habit throughout your day.

5)     Take extended breaks from tv, movies, computers, phones, from the need to be entertained. Write letters to some faraway friend who doesn’t use the internet, or mend those kitchen curtains. Enroll to take a class in an area of interest that you discover in the quiet time spent with self only. Get creative and remain creative!

6)     Clear the old, useless stuff out of your closet, drawers, cabinets, storage space, garage. Decide what you’d be better without and declutter. This activity can also include releasing relationships that do not support your wellbeing.

7)     Stop everything for a few minutes a day to honor silence. Some may choose to meditate or just be still. When doing so, relax your body completely and let your mind follow. Quiet, do nothing time may seem scary at first, but soon you’ll realize its value.

8)     Start an exercise routine. Make it reasonable. Set a goal. Maybe this is the time to take that dream movement class, like capoeira,  Walking, yoga, taichi, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking or ice skating are just a few of many examples.

9)     Keep positive, caring people around you, those who are supportive of your dreams and aspirations and who really care about you. Develop “Yes Team,” with trusted individuals with whom you trust to share your vision/dream(s). The team is in place for encouragement and accountability.

10) Choose not to engage in gossip or in belittling another.  People who are prone to gossip usually desire to feel better about themselves and feel that criticizing another will make them look better.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Gossip kills the spirit and spreads rumors that may cause some type of harm to another. The Golden Rule applies here. Be the friend you seek in others.

11) Take yourself out on a date alone at least once weekly. Untie your wings. It can be as simple as going to the library, a museum opening, a jazz concert, something you really enjoy or want to explore.

12) Speak well about yourself to yourself and to others. Give yourself compliments with joy and let them saturate your being. Every time you hear your inner tape negate your worth, change the content of that message to one of affirmation. Make an intention to forgive all transgressions. Harboring grudges stifles your progress, taints your spirit and can cause health problems. “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

13) Take care to handle your money wisely. Credit cards are a great way to cause more debt. Make a plan to earn and learn to invest it wisely. Your attitude around your finances affects your health positively or negatively. Curb consumerism, save for a rainy day.

14) Visit your acupuncturist regularly for maintenance and prevention, and to address your health concerns.

As you review these suggestions, remember these are ideas just to get you started. What would you add that would motivate you to daily practices of good healthy habits? How would you change how you treat your body, fill your mind, encourage your spirit, and connect with your soul? What can you share that will brighten the day, smooth the way for another? Remember: your health is your treasure!

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