How Do I Enter the Silence

Though I may seem quiet, often my mind is not.

For thoughts stalk it like a jilted lover.

When I sit alone, my mind’s fullness sits with me,

demanding constant attention to its empty musings.

I want to turn it off, to let a Higher Mind lead my thoughts to a higher place

within the holy  chamber of Silence.

Silence’s golden quietness seeks me out, but how do I reach for it?

How in the loudness of my mind’s chatter, can I reach the peaceful Silence?

How can the Voice of The Sacred Oneness rise above all this inner noise with its incessant distractions?

They tell me, “Turn within. Be still and know.”

But, they never quite say how!

How can I quiet the chatter of my worries?

How do I turn off the tapes that play all day,

every day, the same ol’ break-me-down message?

How am to I connect with The Voice beyond the noise

played by my mind’s orchestra?

They say that I can hear the answers to my prayers in the still calmness

that is reached in the Silence.

How will I recognize the Voice of the Divine in the midst of my mind’s madness?

Will I ever even be spoken to?  And, when I hear a voice, how will I know that It Is the Divine Voice?

Is my chatter-filled mind even worthy of receiving these holy, precious messages?


Is this a whimsical venture, to quiet what has so long existed in noise?

Would not the Silence drive me into a state of utter panic?

They say in the Silence, there is no war or conflict,

only the “peace that passeth all understanding.”

As I sit in the Silence, old thoughts continue to swarm, swim,

and attempt attachment. I do not resist.

Instead, I place my mind on the fruit of my desire,

photo by D. Kuficha

In the quiet of Silence, our true path is revealed.


to enter the holy chamber  of Silence where my soul fuses with its purpose,

experiencing the wholeness beyond all things material.

Herein lies the true image of The Sacred Oneness.

In this Silence, I hear The Holy Voice, I hear The Spoken Word.

I am still.  I am listening. I am inspired. I feel the sacredness in every moment.

I become the peace I seek in the world.

I feel myself become the light I seek in others.

Feeling the Divine Presence is insured in this, Silence’s holy chamber.

It is always awaiting our quiet attention to Its presence within.

Sacred Silence has substance, peace and serenity,

that is not available in the noisiness of the world.

As I enter into the Stillness, I know the truth of myself as divine,

as Love Immaculate, as peace, and on purpose.

I create my heaven on earth, and I become the peace that I am seeking.

I give thanks for a world that learns to listen to the Sacred Silence and lovingly respond with Grace.


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